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Blanca C.


How to make eye cream with cucumbers?

I have some cucumbers. I want to make cucumber eye cream. Is there anybody know how to make eye cream with cucumbers?
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  • ellochkablecy


    Well, I can tell you how to make eye cream with cucumbers but you may also need to prepare other necessary products or implements. In all, they are 1 small cucumber, 1 cup plain yogurt, 3 tbsp very strong brewed green tea, 1 empty ice cube tray, teaspoon, small knife, measuring cup and mixing bowl. After having all of them at hand, you can peel the skin of the cucumber and cut it into small pieces, and then puree it in a blender and put in the mixing bowl. Then you may need to add 4 tablespoons of very strongly brewed green tea into the mixing bowl. Caffeine can help constrict the blood vessels under our eyes and green tea has very high caffeine content. That's the reason why I suggest you to use green tea other than other kind of tea. Next, you can add 1 cup of plain yogurt in the mixing bowl. Then, you can stir them together and spoon them into ice cube tray and put them in the freezer. 15 to 20 minutes later, you can take them out and place some in a plastic bag and hold it under your eyes.
  • Jen.C


    First, peel the cucumber and then cut it into small dices. Then you can blend the cucumber dices with an immersion blender. And then you need to filter the cucumber remains and store 2 tbsp cucumber juices in a small bowl. Then you can place the aloe vera gel in the small bowl and mix it with cucumber juices. Stir them until they mix together well and pour the mixture into a bottle. Now you can place the bottle in the fridge to chill for 1 hour before using.
  • William


    Dear, you can try this. These videos will show you how to make eye cream with cucumbers. hopes these are helpful. Good luck!
  • b3autiful___


    If you only have cucumbers at hand, I think it is difficult for you to make eye cream immediately. I'd like to tell you some places to buy eye pads. Click here to know Where to buy pond's cucumber eye pads? I think both eye cream and eye pads have good effect in help reducing puffiness and dark circles under our eyes.

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