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Why do my new glasses hurt my nose?

I bought a pair of glasses online. I found that the new glasses hurt my nose. why do my glasses hurt my nose?
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  • Sandeep Singh


    Hi , we have a new product called "Comfortable Nose Pad Cover" check it on amazon or ebay , this product is the answer to the problems of discomfort on nose due to eye glasses. I myself had the same problem which urged me to invent this product. please check it out. Thanks
  • Ana


    Are you a current glasses user? If this is your first pair of glasses, I think it is not wise to buy it online because some people cannot wear plastic frames due to the shape of their nose. But we know that glasses bought online are much cheaper than that sold in physical shops. If you really want to place an order of your first pair of glasses online, I suggest you to have a try in the nearby eyeglasses stores. Then you can know which kind of glasses will make your feel more comfortable. Hope this helped!
  • Shelby


    Are your nose pads made by silicone? I know some people are allergic to the silicone in the nose pads. You can have a check first. If the reason lies in the nose pads, you can ask a local optician to replace your nose pads. There are other ways to solve your problems too. Read this How to stop glasses from hurting your nose? to find more ways.
  • Justin williams


    Sometimes even an optician will make some mistakes. If the guy just wants to sell his or her glasses, they may make some mistake on your eyesight record. He or she may give you a pair of glasses that doesn't fit for you. This will lead to ill-fitting frames and nose pain.
  • David cook


    Sometimes the weight of the lenses and glasses will account for your painful nose. If the nose pads are too large for your nose, they may squeeze or pinch your nose. And this can lead to pain. If the glasses are very cheap, the material of the glasses can't be very good and usually they are very heavy. The heavy glasses will definitely cause pain on your nose if you wear them for a long time. we know that glasses are made by different materials. I bought a pair of titamium glasses last week. I think it is very good because the titamium frames are very light. it will not put too much pressure on my nose. This makes me feel more comfortable.
  • Victor Lee


    Maybe you haven't noticed the weight of your frame. You should choose a light frame. Besides, if you have a high power, your lenses will be thick and heavy. You'd better choose high index lenses and that will be much lighter. Check the nose pad of your glasses and make sure it won't hurt your nose.
  • george


    I think a pair of good glasses should feel light and comfortable. But before choosing a pair of glasses we should have our eyesight measured by professionals and know which kind of frames are suitable to our face shape and facial features. but many people ignore this. So they may order some frames that cause discomfort and chafing.
  • walkersrarest


    Sweetie, I bought a pair of glasses online last week. And I found that the over-sized nose pads hurt my nose. Later I asked a optician to change the pads and it makes me feel more comfortable now. There are nose pads with all sizes to accommodate each individual's needs. As your glasses are bought online, you can ask a local optician to adjust the nose pads for you if you didn't get some extra nose pads in your package. Good luck!
  • Ethan


    Maybe it was just one of the temples had gotten bent out much further than the other one and this caused your hurting nose. You can think about that if your glasses place most of its weight of the frame on only one side of your nose bridge. You may definitely feel discomfort and have a hurting nose. You can have a check by yourself. Is there any red mark made by the nose pad only on one side of your nose bridge.
  • Rebecca


    Take you glasses back to your optician for a follow-up fitting. They should be able to quickly adjust the nosepads and/or temples to relieve the pressure on your nose, and there would be no charge.
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