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Justin fergus


What causes a sore throat and pain behind eyes after drinking alcohol?

I have a sore throat. I drank too much last night. I also feel pain behind my eyes. What's wrong? Can you tell me what causes this?
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  • Daniel christian


    Well, a sore throat can be caused by glandular fever. You may get glandular fever. It is just an infection. Your immune system will make antibodies during the infection. And you may find that it is painful to swallow. Usually we needn't apply for special treatment for glandular fever. We just need to drink plenty of water. The symptoms will go away on its own few days later. The alcohol can dehydrate your body, your eyes may get dry and pain after drinking too much alcohol.
  • Joseph


    Many people will have sinus and eye pains if they drank too much alcohol. And people may also suffer from painful throat if they vomited for a long time. When people are vomiting, the throat gets irritated. they may feel painful in their throat for just a few minutes. You just need to drink plenty of water and then have a good rest.
  • Luthy


    I have the same problems with you, every time I have too much alcohol, I would have burning red eyes, pressure in temples, sinus pressure, and even headaches. Sometimes when I lie down and close my eyes, I will feel pain behind my eyes. I also have a sore throat after vomiting. Now I am trying to drink less.

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