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Kevin lee


What are real dangers of cosmetic contact lenses?

Many of my classmates start wearing cosmetic contact lenses and their eyes look prettier. I also want to wear it. I just wonder if cosmetic contact lenses are dangerous. What are risks of wearing cosmetic contact lenses?
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  • elliekate825


    The cosmetic contact lenses are used for people to decorate their images, which became a part of makeup in daily life. Because of makeup would be harmful to people's skin, so as cosmetic contact lens. It has the risk of eye infection because the lens is directly touching the eyeball. If it's not clean thus the foreign materials, like bacteria would be into the eyes. And the cornea would be injured if you wear the cosmetic contact lens for a prolonged period, or the size doesn’t fit your eyes. Furthermore, it would cause permanent eye injury based on above risks. You had better take an eye exam if you wanna wear cosmetic contact lens for any purpose. After that, you know what kind of lens that fit you.
  • caffienefeen


    It depends. Qualified cosmetic contact lenses are not danger itself. But it will bring great danger because of your careless to clean the contact lenses. They may bring some bacterium into your eyes that will cause infections, allergy or even further lead pink eyes. Still you may suffer dangers because of wearing some inferior cosmetic contact lenses.
  • creatingme


    It is said that cosmetic contact lenses itself are not harmful. However, improper cosmetic contact lens use can result in a variety of problems, including complete and permanent loss of vision. You may have a risk of eye infection including swelling and infection of the eye, abrasions to the cornea and allergic reactions. It is also said that cosmetic contact lenses can limit vision and the ability to clearly see contrast. There are further dangers of wearing cosmetic contact lenses without a prescription. So if you really need to wear contact lenses, it is best to get an eye exam and a prescription that takes your exact eye measurements into consideration. You should never wear contact lenses, especially for an extended period of time, without an eye check-up and prescription from your doctor.
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