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John Rodriguez


How long does it take you to instill your contact lenses?

Actually, I am not good at putting in my contact lenses. Sometimes, it takes me a half hour! I know many people insert their contact lenses very quickly. How long does it take you to wear take in contact lenses. Does anyone can tell me the easy and right way to put in contact lenses? I do not want to spend much time instilling my contacts.
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  • Catherine lewis


    In fact, it is very easy and quick to put contact lenses into your eyes. For me, it takes less than 1 minutes right now. But i still remember that the first time i wearing contact lenses that takes me about 10 minutes. How to say, practice makes perfect. At the beginning, you may feel different to wear contact lenses. But it will become easier after you practice.
  • evilrain


    Many people have difficulty in inserting contact lenses when they are still a new wearer. And some may break the lens at last. In fact, it is quite easy to insert contact lenses. Just follow the simple steps: Firstly, wash your hands with soap and dry them with a piece of soft cloth; Secondly, place one contact lens on the palm of your hand and pour enough solution in your palm to make the lens totally covered by the liquid; Thirdly, properly place the lens on your right index finger; Fourthly, make your eyes look up and slowly put the contact lens into the bottom portion of your eye with your index finger; At last, slowly look down towards the contacts placement and close your eye.
  • Daniel christian


    Well, if you are skillful, it is quite easy and fast. It's said that it takes a few seconds to wear it for most skilled people. But if you just begin to learn to it, maybe it takes some times. Because you can not adapt it at the beginning, you can feel not good. Actually, practices make you skillful. It is true many people have problems putting in their contact lenses, but that is not a big deal.

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