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What are fashion sunglasses for teenage girls in 2012?

i want to buy really fashionable sunglasses for my girlfriend. Since there are so many style to choose from, does anyone can tell me what sunglasses are fashionable in 2012?
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  • walkinpaperdoll


    Speaking of sunglasses that are fashionable in 2012, oversized sunglasses can not be neglected. We have seen many people inducing lots of hot celebs prefer to wear oversized sunglasses. Wearing oversized sunglasses is a good way to make a bold fashion statement. In addition, oversized sunglasses can make wearers' face look smaller. I think almost every woman desire for a small face. By covering your face, oversized sunglasses can protect your eyes and the skin about your eyes well. When it comes to stylish sunglasses in 2012, oversized sunglasses are a good way to go.
  • entivore


    Now, printed framed sunglasses are popular among most of girls. But, i think you shall choose sunglasses depending on your girl friend's face shape, skin color as well as clothes stye. If she is a fashionable girl, you can choose some unique or novelty sunglasses to her. Or you may choose some retro pr classic sunglasses such as black oval sunglasses or cat eye sunglasses to her.

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