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Are yellow cat eye contact lenses safe?

I think yellow cat eye contact lenses are very cool and i plan to buy it for style. Is it Ok to wear them?
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  • Cassy


    Yellow cat eye contact lenses are one kind of Special-Effect Contact Lenses. They are used for fun. They can be safe as long as you buy qualified cat eye contact lenses and wear it properly. If you do not correct use them or care them, you will also get eye infections. For the sake of your eye health, it is important to buy cat eye contact lenses from an authorized source.
  • Trinity hill


    In fact, seldom people will wear such bright colored contact lenses such as yellow cat eye contact lenses in daily life. Such contact lenses are only worn in some specially days or occasions. And they are safe to wear only if you use it properly. In this point, it is the same as you wearing other contact lenses.

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