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Are contact lenses interchangeable?

I bought my first pair of contacts. The both came in separate vials but were not labeled "left", "L" or "right", "R". Are they interchangeable? Will that be harmful for my eyes?
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  • Christopher dale


    It is depends. If the prescription of your both eyes are the same, the contact lenses are interchangeable. That is to say, you can wear the contact lenses ignoring the left", or "right" lenses. But if the prescription of your both eyes are different, it will be harmful just like you wear wrong prescription eyeglasses. It is likely cause vision blurry, headaches and dizziness etc.
  • Mariah


    You'd better not, the contact lenses around eyes are not the same. Even though the two eyes with same prescription, you also can not mix them. Normally, people have astigmatism, and the two eyes are different. In the process of glasses, it is considered to prescription. So, you can not simply think they are the same and interchange. Perhaps, it will bring a big problem.