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How to wear glasses with long eyelashes?

I wear glasses and have long eyelashes. How to wear glasses to make me look not weird?
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  • John


    Too funny folks. Just ask your eye doctor to order your lenses with a curve. There no difference in the prescription, and I’ve been doing this for decades. Not a big deal... but hardly anybody know me about it.
  • christian


    Many people have the same problem with you, and their eyelashes often touch the glasses. I find that some people will try to cut their eyelashes, but that's not a good idea. In my view, it is maybe because that your nose is too low so that your eyelashes often touch your glasses. You can go to the glasses shop and tell the optometrist about your situation, he/she can customize a pair of glasses with longer distance between the lenses and your eyes. Or maybe you can try contact lenses.
  • b3autyqu33nof17


    I think you can wear your glasses kind down of on your nose. Doing this will avoid your eyelashes touch your glasses. But it will be harder for you to set your glasses. If you don't really enjoy wearing glasses like that, you should choose to wear contact lenses. That will make you look better.