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Is there any treatment for Macular degeneration?

I am having Macular degeneration now and is there any treatment for it?
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  • Lainey


    There is no treatment for macular degeneration. However, some treatments can be done to slow down the progression of the disease. You'd better talk to your doctor and ask for some advice.
  • Cameron giles


    If you get Macular degeneration, you can try some treatments to prevent vision loss. Vitamins C, E, beta carotene, zinc and copper can reduce the risk of vision loss if you get dry macular degeneration. However, you should consult your doctor before taking them to see whether you are suitable for these vitamin supplements.
  • John


    Macular degeneration is a major eye disease that usually cause blindness. You should see an expert medical specialist in eye care immediately! There is no treatment to cure it, but they can try to stop it from aggravating.
  • Riley gary


    There is no treatment for it but something can be done to stop it. Lutein and Vitamin A supplements can help slow down the rate of deterioration and always remember to wear sunglasses when outside as bright light speeds up the deterioration process.
  • george


    I am afraid there is nothing to cure it. But if you smoke you must quit it immediately as that will make it much worse and smoking is also significant risk factor for macular degeneration.

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