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Alexa murphy


How much lutein should one take everyday?

I know lutein is good for eye health, but how much should I take everyday? Will it have side effects if taken excessively?
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  • Jen


    some health experts, particularly those in the ophthalmic field, have made recommendations. A 10mg lutein dosage should be sufficient for a child or a young person that does not suffer from any eye disease. For an adult, 50mg, combined with 6-10mg of zeaxanthin is recommended to help reduce the risk of AMRD and other age-related eye diseases. Source:
  • greg t


    Lutein is very helpful for eye health, which are found within the retina of the eye. How much lutein you should you take depending on your age, your current state of physical health and some other factors. There are no risks even if you take too much lutein except for the bronzing of the skin. I take 6 mg a day and it turns to be effective.
  • gary


    There is not a daily allowance about how much lutein you should take, you can take as much as you want. Excessively lutein intake would not cause any side effect except for bronzing of the skin, which occurs with all carotenoids.

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