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The opician mentioned exotropia. What is this?

When I took my son to have an eye exam, the optician diagnosed it as exotropia. What does this mean?
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  • Angela


    Exotropia is one form of strabismus. Strabismus is a physical disorder in which the two eyes are improperly aligned with each other. This eye problem has several forms of appearance. With one eye moving regularly, the other eye may point in, out, up or down. These four conditions are respectively called cross eye, exotropia, hypertropia and hypotropia. It is usually caused by an unequal pulling of muscles at one side of the eye, or even an ocular muscle paralysis.
  • Melanie smith


    Exotropia, also called walleye, is a disorder that the eye turns outside. People who have exotropia usually have one eye wander or move toward the outside corner of the eye. It is usually found in every age group.