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Is there any side effect for ortho-k lenses?

I am considering the ortho k lens for my daughter but I wanna know if there is any side effect for this product?
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  • Mel M


    I know it's an old post, but I hope this will be of help to someone!!

    I have worn CRT lenses for nearly 10 years, and I can tell you the following:
    -freedom from contacts/glasses during the day! Soooo nice!!
    -Although at first having to put them in at night was such a nuisance, now it is like brushing my teeth.
    -RGPs last such a long time (no need to replace them every year)

    -the fitting does take a while to get right
    -price of fitting
    -increased sensitivity: After a while, I started realizing that my eyes were more sensitive to strong substances (e.g., onions). They also feel very dry whenever I DON'T sleep with the lenses in (if I forget).
    -unlike some people, I do have to sleep with them every night, or my visions not very good (even if I nap during the day, my vision clarity decreases.
    -if ANYTHING gets in your eye as you're inserting the lenses, you will feel a lot of pain and have to take them out immediately. That's probably a given, but just so you know!

    started off 2005 at -1.75, no astigmatism.
    I was re-checked while abroad in 2012 (couldn't find a orthokeratology dr.) after not wearing them for 2 weeks, assessed to be at -3.00 with some astigmatism (can't remember, 1.5 maybe?).
    Control: I have an identical twin, whose eyesight was .25 diopter better than mine before I started with Ortho-K, and now she's at -2.75 with minor astigmatism.

    Hope this helps!
  • Brooke


    I have been wearing ortho-k lenses for nearly 3 months. At first, it might feel a little irritating on the eye, but you'll get used to it soon. It doesn't have any side effect so far, and I can go without wearing glasses for one week.
  • Caleb


    The ortho-k lenses still belong to contacts, so it may have the same problem with other contacts, such as lack of oxygen, dry eyes, congestion and so on. But as it is designed for night wearing with special high oxygen permeability material. it can reduce the chance of complication to the most.
  • clive


    Actually, ortho-k lenses have a lower risk of any side effects. However, it may also cause the inflamation of cornea and make the eye bloody because it is a kind of contact lenses. If you suffer any disomforts, you can stop wearing them and then your eye will get recovery.
  • Debra L.


    I work for the Orthokeratology Center in Bethesda and I find that most of the unpleasant side effects (i.e. irritation) are due to improper cleansing and care of the lenses. Otherwise, once a proper fitting is achieved and often that can take 5-8 trial lenses, the results are extraordinary. A recent study has also shown that wearing Ortho-K lenses can slow the progreesion of nearsightedness in children. If you swim, surf, or play softball, it's so much more hygenic to do your sport without regular contacts in your eyes. Ortho-K is completely reversible. Once you stop wearing the lenses, your eyes will revert back to your original prescription.

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