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How long does it take to recover from detached retina surgery?

If i take a detached retina surgery, how long will my eyes get recovery?
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  • Alexandria taylor


    Usually you will get recovery for the eyes after the detached retina surgery for about three weeks. But during this time, you'd better keep on using the anti-inflammatory agent and the eye drops to release the eyes diseases. The retina is in the most inside layer of organization of the eyeballs. And the above macular point is the most active part. Although it accounts for only one over ten of the area, it is the control center vision of the most sensitive part of the incredibles. As for the rest nine over ten part, it is responsible for side vision. When the retinal falls off, the first affected one is the side retina. Then it gradually spreads to center of macular point. If it is in the improper handled, it may even cause blindness. So when your retinal is detached, you should go to the hospital to accept the treatment as soon as possible.
  • Michelle


    Oh, I am so sorry to hear that. Retinal detachment is quite a serious eye disorder however, you can relax, since it is treatable with the latest technology. But in the mean time, you have to keep an eye on your would and pay more attention to it. Typically, it would take about several months before it is finally cured. Besides, you should do everything beneficial to help them recover.