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Kelly eddy


What are good exercises for lazy eyes?

I have lazy eyes. I want to find good exercise to deal with my lazy eyes. Any good idea?
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  • Jade


    If you suffer from Strabismus and Amblyopia, you can cover your healthy eye and force the diseased eyes to work. If both of your eyes are lazy eyes, you can do the flowing exercises to improve your vision. For example, thread needles with the purpose of exercise, painting, stringing beads. Through these exercises, you can make your eyes focus on these small things and improve your eyes flexibility and vision.
  • Jack taylor


    There are some good exercises you can take to treat your lazy eyes. But you should take notice of your daily life first. You'd better not watch TV or play computer games more than one hour every day. Besides, you can try to do some useful exercises. For example, cover your normal eye with your hand, then look at things in the distance carefully. Through hard training and persistent efforts your lazy eyes can be getting better.

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