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Can I take a shower with pink eye?

I have pink eyes and stay at home. Can i take a shower? I mean will it make my pink eyes more serious if i take a shower?
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  • Jackson rose


    As a matter of fact, it is good for you to pay attention to your eyes since you have got pink eyes. Generally speaking, there are no relationship between having a pink eye and taking a shower, and you are absolutely good to go. However, you should notice that your personal towel should not be mixed with others' because this could lead to transition and infection to other people. Just be careful to avoid contact with your stuff.
  • caffienefeen


    Yes, taking the shower may make your pink eyes get serious. However, you could just wash the body part except the eye parts. Or else, the bacterium in the eyes may make your eyes get inflammation. You'd better wait until its recovery of the pink eyes and get the shower.
  • Danai P.


    Don' t worried, you can take a shower as before. It will not make your pink eyes serious. But you still need to note: when taking a shower, try to keep the water away and keep away from bubble bath. After shower, you just get a rag to wash your face. If you like, you can use ice to make it feel better.

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