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Can blepharitis cause bloodshot eyes?

I wonder if blepharitis can cause bloodshot eyes? Why?
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  • handsome_fuck


    Yes, blephariti can cause bloodshot eyes in some degree. First, you should know the reason which causes blephariti. As we know that blephariti is often caused by the irritants. When your eyes are invaded by the bacteria and the irritants, it can lead to eye infection. And in some cases, it can result in blephariti. At that moment, it can make your eyes look red, and sometimes, it can lead to bloodshot eyes. And anyway, you should be careful about it. For your situation, you can put a damp, warm washcloth held over the infected eye a few times a day. In this way, it can help relieve swelling, itching and redness. Avoiding wearing contacts and eye makeup can be effective too. anyway, just pay more attention to your eyes.
  • Kristy


    Yes, the blepharitis can cause the bloodshot eyes. The blepharitis may be caused by the inflammation. The coming bacterium will make it so bad for the eyes. The eye blood circulation may be hindered. And the eye nerves will be intense. That is the cause of bloodshot eyes. You should use some eye drops to get rid of the inflammation.
  • Paige williams


    The bloodshot eyes is the result of blood vessels close to the surface of the eye becoming dilated and enlarged.According to some official statistics,bloodshot eyes can be caused by the following reasons:chronic dry eye syndrome,conjunctivitis and blepharitis. As we know,blepharitis is a condition caused by inflammation of the eye lids because it is accompanied by itching along the eyelid, soreness, and a crusty or greasy discharge.There are many reasons for eyes to become bloodshot, from conditions that are virtually harmless, to those that require medical attention in order to heal.

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