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Kaylee tuener


Can I get a black eye from being hit in the nose?

Is it possible to get black eyes if something hits my nose? And can you tell me how to reduce the black eyes?
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  • Nicholas


    A black eye is common after an injury to the face,the head or the nose.Most black eyes will heal on their own within a few days, but you can help speed healing and reduce it by taking some actions.Now i will tell you how to reduce the black eyes.Firstly,use a clean towel with ice and apply it to the black eyes.Secondly,try some creams which have vitamin A or vitamin K because both of them play a significant role in the repair and maintenance of skin cells.Thirdly,some auxiliary measures are also needed.Using an extra pillow to help reduce fluid accumulation around the black eyes when you sleep.Besides,remove all contact lenses and wear eye glasses throughout the healing process.At last,if the black eyes last for a long time,getting a surgery or taking a homiopathic medicine is very useful to help you to reduce the black eyes.
  • emptybot


    Yes, it is possible for you to get the black eyes if something hits on your nose. As we know, the nose and eye nerves are interlinked. You should have the good rest for the eyes these days. You could go to the hospital to have a look to see whether it is serious. You could wear the sunglasses to cover the ugly eyes.
  • gary


    Well, yes, of course, it can cause black eyes. And generally speaking, you should know that it all depends if your nose is hit by the bones and how hard the slap was. So if have been slapped very heavily, it is likely to have a black eyes. For your situation, you should try some ways to solve the problem. First, you should know that a black eye is the result of bleeding underneath the skin around your eye. So you can put on ice on your eyes so that it can cool them. And remember that you should do this for several times. And, you need to be very careful when icing your black eye. The area around your eye is very, very sensitive, and it's already been infected by some other irritants. And also, you can try to use a medical ice bag with a thick rubber casing or wrap the bag of ice in a cloth. Of course, avoiding the water getting into your eyes is also important. And you should know that you can not put a steak on a black eye, for it can possibly cause an eye infection. Then also you can search some information on the internet and see what foods you should avoid. This will help you too.

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