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Why do i see spots when i look at the sky?

When i look at the sky, i always see some spots in front of me. What causes it? Is it a sign of some eye disorder?
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  • Brittany green


    When you look at the sky and the sunshine is so strong, you could find that it is difficult for your eyes to open. Your spots are just the reflection from the strong sun lights. This is the common symptom, not the sign of eye problems. However, if your eyes get the infection, you will find that your eyes may feel itchy when seeing at the sky. You could go to the hospital to have a check if you don't put it relax.
  • comingourloud


    Well, I should tell you that, there are lots of reasons for what you have experienced, sometimes we call that eye floaters. So, once got eye floaters , you are likely to see some stars in front of your eyes from time to time. That is not necessarily resulted from looking at the sky, but some other diseases you are not aware of, such as tiredness and stress. Yes, so if you have got it, you should consult a doctor .
  • David


    In fact, I also see some spots in front of me when I look at the sky. There will be many reasons. In my opinion, it will be floaters that lead to your problem. Most floaters in our eyes are harmless because they will disappear gradually. However, if you always see some spot in front of you when you look at the sky, or you suddenly start seeing sparkling lights together with an increased number of floaters, it is strongly advised that you see your eye care practitioner immediately, in case the retina is damaged.

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