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What are best contact lenses for baseball players?

I like to play baseball with my friends. But i am nearsighted. Can you recommend me contact lenses that are available for people who play baseball?
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  • Jordyn


    When you play baseball in the outside field, you can wear UV-blocking contacts which leaving portions of your eyes and the delicate skin of your eyelids vulnerable to the sun. As for the color of contact lenses you wear, amber lenses sometimes are preferred for baseball. In order to relieve yourself, you can visit a sports vision specialist to find out the best eyewear solutions for you.
  • Olavi


    Well, according to some people’s opinion, you can choose sport tint contact lenses, which are very popular with people playing golf and baseball. And also, you should know that Marietta Vision is one of the best known suppliers of custom sport tint contact lenses in the world. By wearing them, many professional athletes can enhance their visual performance. In addition, baseball players benefit most from the amber lenses because amber blocks out blue light which is called "visual noise" by vision experts while the red colors, such as a baseball's seams, are accentuated. This lens helps reduce glare during competitive sporting events, such as baseball without having to wear bulky, sometimes loose fitting sunglasses. Maybe you have known that Chipper Jones is a wearer of sport lenses. So you can have a try.


    You could try the Baushe & Lomb contact lenses when you play baseball. They are so thin at the lenses which will make you feel comfortable without notice of wearing them. They are also excellent at the water content and air permeability. You could go to the online store to buy one with suitable price.

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