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Aaron may


Can stress cause retinal detachment?

Someone told me people having high myopia are more likely to suffer retinal detachment? I worry about retinal detachment because i have high myopia. Can stress cause retinal detachment?
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  • Logan hall


    Yes, it is the persons with high myopia that have high possibility of getting the retinal detachment. And the stress may cause the retinal detachment. Because when you are in the great pressure, your eye nerves will intense which may cause the retinal to be detached suddenly. Thus keeping a good mood is very important.


    Yes. I heard that people with permanent stress can cause retinal detachment. Besides, trauma, advanced diabetes and inflammatory disorder can also cause retinal detachment. Besides, if you have heave myopia, you are also in high risks of retinal detachment. If so, you shall avoid do some heavy lifting job. In addition, heredity is also another reason for retinal detachments.
  • Megan W


    Yes, you should know that stress can lead to retinal detachment. So if you are high myopia patient, it can be likely to have retinal detachment. You should be careful about your eyes. On the other hand, there are many other factors which can lead to retinal detachment, such as eye injury. But, most people with detached retina risk factors will not develop a detached retina. And it is possible that people without risk factors will develop a retinal detachment. If you have some questions about retinal detachments, you can talk with your doctor. He or she can recommend detached retina symptoms to watch for and a schedule for regular eye exams.

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