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Why do i always wake up with sleep in my eyes?

I always get discharges in the my eyes when i wake up in the morning. Is this normal? What causes it?
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  • entivore


    It is normal that eyes produce a fluid mixture of tears and mucus. Almost all the people will have the discharge when they wake up in the morning. So, you need not worry about a small amount of the discharge in the morning. However, if the secretion is so much that it bothers you seriously, you should pay particular attention to it. This may be caused by allergy. So you need to check the allergen which may be the food you eat or something in your bedroom. Then repel the allergen and use medication to relieve your eye problem. You should also wash your face before going to bed and after waking up. I suggest that you see a doctor to have an overall examination and receive proper treatment.
  • creationfest


    For your question, it is no necessity to worry about it too much. You can change this condition by some good habits. In your life, you should reduce the time for using eyes, such as work and use computer for long time, these will be harmful for your eyes to lead to feel tons of sleep. Meanwhile, increase the sleeping time at a day. Except this, you should take away from the contacts which is not so good for your eye health, they will decrease the moist of your eyes with the day going. Best wishes!
  • Myra Taylor


    Generally speaking, it is normal to get a bit of eye discharges in the eyes when people wake up. However, if the eye discharges are too much, and there comes along with the red and swollen eyes, then it can be caused by getting conjunctivitis. Most part of the conjunctiva is directly in touch with the outer world, therefore, it can easily be infected by the bacteria, viruses and chlamydia in the surroundings. Also, injuries, chemicals as well as irritation of physical hurt can lead to conjunctivitis, too. Besides, there are many blood vessels and lymphoid issues in the conjunctiva, therefore it can be very vulnerable to the antigen from both itself and the outside. You can firstly use physiological saline to wash clean the eye discharges, and then apply some tobramycin or levofloxacin hydrochloride eye drops. And if you wear eye contact lenses, you had better stop wearing them. At the same time, do not eat spisy foods or any other kinds of foods which may be irritative to your eye conditions. Eat some more fresh vegetables and fruits, drink more water. Do not smoke or drink. Pay attention to your personal eye hygiene, and each time when you clean your eyes or face, you had better use boiled water to wash the towel or washbasin clean.
  • Alyssa


    Your eye discharge my caused by eye infection. Viral or bacterial infection can get you discharge often. If you also suffer from pain, itching of your eye, it may be the sigh of conjunctivitis. You need to see your doctor and seek treatment. Since your eye condition may highly caused by infection, you should pay attention no to pass it to others. Do not share your washcloth with others.

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