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Is it possible to repair torn contact lens?

I think my contacts are kind of ripped. Is there any way to fix my contacts?
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  • miguel gaytan


    No, there is no way for you to fix the contacts. You'd better change the new one. The ripped contact lenses may hurt your corneal in the unconscious way. It is very dangerous to wear the ripped contact lenses which may easily let your eyes get infection through the dryness.
  • evelyn


    What makes you have such idea? repair torn contact lenses, is it possible. i never heard of that. I just heard of repair eyeglasses. Contact lenses are so flimsy and thin, they made not be able to be repaired. If like to wear contact lenses, you'd better buy new one and don't wear such torn contact lenses again for the sake of your eyes.
  • Christina nelson


    Firstly, i am sorry to hear that your sunglasses ripped, but i must tell you it can not be repaired. Once it is ripped, pls get rid of it as it will greatly hurt your cornea. The longer time you wear, the more eyes will be hurt. So please instantly throw it away and buy a new one. By the way, when you buy new sunglasses, be care it is better to buy softer one.