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I am wondering if my old sunglasses can block UV rays?

I've heard that some sunglasses have only tinted glass and do not actually block or reduce UV rays. Because they are darker, our pupils widen and end up letting in more UV rays than normal, increasing the damage to our eyes instead of decreasing it. I have some old sunglasses and I was wondering if there is anyway to tell if it block UV rays. They have numbers and letters on the side, is there any chance that these numbers or letters are relative to whether or not they block UV rays? Thank you!
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  • Brooke


    I guess the numbers and letters won't have much affection in blocking UV rays .But sunglasses have a period to avoid UV rays affect. Over time sunglasses may damage your vision .If you do love the style , you can keep the frame and get new lenses in it .If you are unsure if your sunglasses block UV rays, take them to your optician and ask. Most eye care providers can test the lenses to tell how much protection your lenses will provide. Your optician can also provide you with more information about protecting your eyes from harmful rays and help you create a protection plan that¡¯s right for you.
  • clam_i_am


    Well, I can see what you mean and totally understand your concern. Anyway, sometimes we indeed get some poor quality sunglasses that could not actually help to block harmful lights and protect our eyes. So, actually the numbers and letters could indicate your sunglasses' ability to block sunshine. The numbers range from 0 to 400, and 400 represents the best ability. However, some fake products could also trick your eyes. So, you should make sure that your sunglasses are bought in a good place ok?
  • Katelyn


    Yes, the usual sunglasses may be with the label with numbers and letters which could give the information about the uv rays protection. You could read from them and see whether they could block uv rays. You could also bring the sunglasses to the real store of the eyeglasses to see whether there is the uv rays protection.

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