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What to wear with big glasses ?

I want to have a better look and i wear stylish big glasses. What should i dress to match my glasses in order to make me look good?
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  • Jonathan griffin


    It seems that big eyeglasses become more and more popular especially among young generations. As for what to wear depends on what image you want to get from the big glasses. If you are women and want to get cute look with the glasses, you can wear some cute clothes and make a cute hair style. Also, you can try to makeup yourself with eyeliner and mascara as well as light colored eye shadow. Also, a bright colored lipstick is needed. If you want to look in a rock way, you can wear any style of clothes you'd like avoid business suit. Hope this help you.
  • b1eedingthrough


    big glasses are quite hot recently, especially big black glasses. Speaking of clothes to match yo9ru glassed, it is not that hare. big glasses can machete many kinds of clothes. Casual clothes will be a better choice, such as jeans, t-shirt, etc. also, big glasses are kind of bold. I think professional clothes will not go well with it. Hope this helps.
  • claire_lew


    Well, in recent years, it becomes more and more popular for many people to wear big glasses. By wearing big glasses, it can make you have a good appearance although you do not have much time to dress up yourself. And so what to dress with your big glasses are good? Maybe you can try to wear a casual long white shirt and add a V-neck sweater with nude color outside. In that way, it will make you look casual, but if you dress with big glasses. It just makes your image become fashionable. Anyway, lively and casual clothing with the big frame will let you become the focus in the crowd. Just have a try.
  • walkingintoyou


    The big frame glasses are very popular this year. You can see a lot of young people wearing this kind of eyeglasses on the street. You could just wear the leisure or casual clothing to match with these glasses. You will look casually and cool. About the color match, it is based on your color of eyeglasses.
  • entivore


    Well, I can see that you are planning to buy a pair of big framed glasses. And here I would like to recommend to that you should wear tight jeans, which looks perfect on slim grils. You also have to make your hair adjust to your glasses and overall looks. In the meantime, remember to wear some vivid colored clothes, which would make you appear to be sexy and hot! Hope this help you.