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What are the long term effects of eye shingles?

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  • greg t


    The most possible long-term effects of eye shingles is the long-term pain after shingles. Another effect after shingles can be post-herpetic neuralgia. What's more, you can get nerve pain which is often burning, stabbing or throbbing, and this kind of pain can be debilitating for months or years. At last, you can get the risk of having a stroke later.
  • Christopher dale


    Well, first, you should know that eye shingles is an infection caused by the virus that causes chickenpox. And according to some doctors, when it occurs, your eye may become red, swollen, painful, and very sensitive to light. So it will be annoying and painful. For the long term effects, watery eyes and blurred vision may occur too. In common, the rash can spread to the upper or lower eyelids. By the way, you should be careful too, for shingles causes abnormal sensations in the affected part of the body a few days before the rash appears. And you may feel deep pain, itchy, and extreme sensitivity to touch. In my opinion, that can be dangerous.
  • duncan


    Mostly, shingles can disappear in a week, however, some people may suffer the long term symptom. It shows as itchy eyes and pain, which torture people deeply. Technically speaking, it's a condition called postherpetic neuralgia. Doctor will offer prescription medications for a certain patient to reduce the risk of long-term shingles symptoms. These drugs must be taken during the initial rash outbreak. Ointments and oral medications can be used to treat long-term shingles symptoms. Whether you suffer from the long term shingles or not, you'd better keep your eyes clean all the time.