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Is castor oil safe for eyes?

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  • Jordan smith


    Yes, it is safe for eyes. Actually some mascaras and eyeliners have this ingredient in them, so they are rather safe. If you use a cotton of mascaras in your closed eyes, it can make eyes moist, health and even boosts up eye lashes growth. While sometimes it would be a mild irritant to your eyes, just stopping using it if that happens.
  • hand_in__hand


    Castor oil is commonly used as condiment, even though some people use it directly to eyes. It's harmless, however, our eyes can't fully absorb it, then other eye problems may caused by the deposits. Add castor oil in our daily meal can make us healthier by promoting our blood circulation, improving digestive system, and smoothing our skin. You'd better not to use oil as eye drop, not only for castor oil, but also for the other essential oil.
  • Joshua?


    Yes, castor oil is safe for eyes.Castor oil is extracted from castor seed. Castor is safe for eyes and moreover,it can be effective in treating dry eyes. Lots of eye drops that sold in the market contain castor and castor oil may be more effective than the any marketed eye drops in treating dry eyes. If you want to use it in your daily life, you can suck castor oil into the clean dropper and put one drop in your eyes and repeat this three times a day. It can help you cure dry eyes and be helpful for you to have a short term eye relief.