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Do round reading glasses help with nearsightedness?

I am 50 year old and slightly nearsighted. Recently I found I also have problems in reading. The doctor suggested me reading glasses. So can I just wear reading glasses leaving out my distance glasses? Will it also help with my nearsightedness?
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  • Daniel gerard


    That depends. Reading glasses won't help with regular nearsightedness which is permanent and genetically induced. However, if you get pseudo-myopia which is temporary and caused by eye strain, the reading glasses can help treat your probelm. Since you are slightly nearsighted, you can wear reading glasses. Just do as the doctor told to you.
  • creepozoid


    No. Reading glasses won't help with your nearsightedness. People who are nearsighted can't see distant objects clearly while readingg glasses help people see close-up. If you view far away through reading glasses, you may get blurry vision. Even you can't read through your reading glasses if you have strong power for myopia or presbyopia. However, you are slightly nearsighted, which may not be a big problem.
  • Caitlin


    No, reading eyeglasses are made for help people with presbyopia. If you are nearsighted, you shall wear nearsighted glasses ( or you called distance glasses) In fact, reading glasses are helpful to prevent nearsightedness for children. But when you have presbyopia, reading glasses can't help you leaving out distance glasses but make your vision more worse. Now, if you wearing reading glasses, they will do nothing but bring more blurry vision even eye aches and headaches.
  • Zoe


    I have never heard that.How can reading glasses help with ur nearsightedness.In terms of me,I think wear reading glasses is really a very uncomfortable thing.Once I wear them for a little bit longer.I will even get a headache.Do u think this symptom can be a good indication of ur recovery?If u want to improve ur myopia or just want to improve ur nearsightedness.I strongly suggest u to wear ur normal glasses most of ur time.I am sure this will help a lot.
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