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Shelby rodney


Can I get 0.75 reading glasses in Walmart?

I had my eyes tested today and the optician recommended that I buy some +0.75 reading glasses for reading. Does anyone know where i can buy them from? Can I get 0.75 reading glasses in Walmart?
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  • Mark Burns


    Maybe. Most over the counter reading glasses begin at +1.00. So you can't find 0.75 reading glasses from OTC or other drug stores. The only way is to get prescription reading glasses from your optician, which is customed to fit you properly. However, you can go to Walmart to have a look. I ever bought a pair of 0.75 reading glasses from Walmart.
  • griffin


    Sure. You can find 0.75 reading glasses in Walmart. They are hard to be found at the drug store or over the counter, but they are available in the large chain drugstore, like Walmart. Or you can get non prescription reading glasses from many drug stores and pharmacies becasue 0.75 reading glasses just like non prescription reading glasses.
  • Yaron Cheng


    Yes, you can find 0.75 reading glasses in Walmart. Just put " 0.75 reading glasses" in Google, there will give you answer. In fact, apart from Walmart, you can also get +0.75 reading glasses at other sites such as If you plan to buy such reading glasses online, you must be careful and choose the best suitable eyeglasses frames for your reading glasses.

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