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Does Walmart have vintage round eyeglass frames?

I am looking for some vintage round eyeglass frames, but I can hardly find them in optical store. I wonder if i can get them from Walmart. If so, how much would they cost?
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  • Vanessa george


    Me too, i didn't found vintage round eyeglasses frames in Walmart. Why not looking vintage round eyeglasses frames in other places? I have saw some vintage round eyeglasses frames at And there are different style round eyeglasses. And the lowest priced round glasses frames only require 8$. Maybe you can have a look at that sites.
  • eeelisa814


    Yes. Walmart does have vintage round eyglasses frames. You can enter into their official site and search the vintage round eyeglasses. Then you will find there are a large selection of vintage round eyeglasses frames for you to choose. I ever got a pair of vintage round eyeglasses from Walmart.
  • Christian


    I searched vintage round eyeglasses frames in Walmart online. And i found there are large selection of vintage eyeglasses frames. And i didn't check it one by one. Round glasses are one type of vintage eyeglasses. Maybe you can find it if you check it at their sites. Once you check out vintage round eyeglasses frames, i believe you can see how much the eyeglasses costs.

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