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Can you suggest some cool sunglasses for men in 2012?

I am a retailer and deciding to get some really cool and trendy male sunglasses for my customer this summer, do you have any suggestion?
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  • edward


    retro sunglasses are still cool for men in 2012. retro sunglasses are the fashion trend in recent years and many people including men follow the trend to wear retro sunglasses. Retro sunglasses for men will add a vintage edge to their apprearance, so retro sunglasses can make men look cool and stand out. I've seen meny men wearing retro sunglasses in the street and they look very cool.
  • Arianna


    In 2012, more and more men choose to wear aviator sunglasses because they think they look very cool with these sunglasses. aviator sunglasses will never go out of date due to their classic element. I will suggest you get aviator sunglasses if you are looking for cool sunglasses for men in 2012. I am a man and prefer wearing aviator sunglasses because they do make me look cool.
  • Jocelyn


    Now, more and more men prefer to dress themselves with cool sunglasses. And in this year, sunglasses with vintage elements are very popular. Here are some popular cool sunglasses for men: 1. 80's Style Vintage Wayfarer style sunglasses 2. aviator sunglasses Silver Frame Mirror Lens 3. Oakley Men's GasCan Sunglasses 4. Wayfarer style sunglasses Dark Lens Black Frame 5. G&G Chrome Metal Silver Mirrored aviator sunglasses 6. Vintage Blue Wayfarer style sunglasses