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Kaylee tuener


Are rose tinted sunglasses suitable for man?

I am going to get some tinted sunglasses for an outdoor party, and I am not sure which color I should get. My friend suggested me rose tinted glasses. But i wonder if this color is too feminine. Are rose tinted sunglasses suitable for man?
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  • handy82


    Some people may think rose tinted sunglasses are only suitable for girls or women. However, in my opinion, men also can try rose tinted sunglassesmen on. I ever saw a handsome man with a pair of rose tinted sunglasses, which make him look so cute and charming. What's more, rose tinted sunglasses are specially suitable for young people with trendy dressing style or sporty style nowadays.
  • campbell


    There are many women like rose tinted sunglasses. But rose tinted sunglasses for men also suitable. Apart from good looks, rose tinted sunglasses can make the world seem brighter. The rose tinted lenses can provide low-light visibility and enhance contrast thus to give your clear vision. So, just do yourself. If you like it wear it.
  • walker03andrea


    That's depends your personality and temperament as well as your outfit. If you want to look strong and straightforward, you may not suitable for rose tinted sunglasses but some dark, grey or brown tinted sunglasses. But if you want to look in a way of gentle, artistic or geek fashion, rose tinted sunglasses are good choices. So, i can't tell if rose tinted sunglasses suit for men. It is all up to you.
  • Marc


    As far as I'm concerned, rose tinted eyeglasses are among the most attractive eyeglasses ever existed. Seriously, who could resist the pleasure those rosy shades bring? They not only block the harsh sunlight, but more importantly, they make your whole face glow. Whenever I wear those rose tinted glasses, my friends all say I look fantastic.