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What does it mean when the whites of your eyes are pink?

I found the white of my eyes are kind of pink this morning. What makes the white of your eyes pink? What does that mean? Is it serious?
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  • Andrew bell


    According your description, your eyes right now must be red/pink. And there is several reasons that can cause eye color red. Usually, the red if the eyes occurs when the blood vessels near the surface of the eye become dilated and enlarged. And conjunctivitis is considered as the most likely reasons for this. Besides, other factors such as eye strain, eye tired, lacking of sleep can also cause the red of the eyes.
  • Kay F, Gaudreau


    what to do when white part of eye is pink


    Well, generally speaking, when the whites of your eye have turned pink, it is a main symptom of conjunctivitis, which is also called pink eyes. As we know that pink eye is an inflammation of the outer layer of the eye and inside the eyelid. If you have this kind of situation, it can make your eyes become red. In some cases, it also can be itchy. So you should know that your eyes are irritated. Of course, it's often caused by viruses, bacteria or allergies. So the most important task you should do as soon as possible is to find out the reason. That is what allergies cause this. But it is kind of hard to find out it by your self. So in my opinion, you'd better go and see an eye doctor. And have an eye exam.
  • Robert


    It is a symptom of conjunctivitis. Because most of the conjunctiva are directly contacted with the outside world, it is vulnerable for eyes to be infected by the environment (such as bacteria, viruses, and chlamydia, etc.) or the infectious factors (such as trauma, chemical and physical factors, etc.), besides because there are many conjunctival blood vessels and lymphatic tissue in our eyes , the antigen of itself and the outside are likely to cause sensitization. So I suggest you firstly drop some levofloxacin hydrochloride eyedrops to ease this symptom, and be sure to keep your eyes clean. If useless, you had better resort to a doctor.
  • smith


    There are two main reasons for your change of pink in the white eyes. There are eye hemorrhage and eye bloodshot. Eye hemorrhage is the appearance of bleeding because of the eyelid skin fracture hurt. The bright red is easy to be recognized because the subconjunctival hemorrhage shows in strip flake and in irregular shape. The large number of hemorrhage is becoming purple. Its common reason is eye injury, severe cough, defecate dry, hard rub eyes or old people arteriosclerosis. However, if it is caused by bloodshot, it may be caused by inflammation, with eyelid skin red. It will be accompanied by fever swollen pain and conjunctival congestion because of the vascular expansion. You'd better go to see the doctor and have a full check on the eyes.