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Yaron Cheng


Is it safe to wash contacts with soap?

I'm at a party. But unfortunately, one of my contacts pops out. Is this a good idea that i wash it with soap, and then I wear it again? Will it be safe?
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  • Danielle lewis


    Nope, it's too dangerous to clean contact lenses with soap. In most case, we use contact lenses solution to clean our contact lenses. Though the soap has the functionality of cleaning, as the contact lenses solution, it could remain bacteria or virus on the lens when utilizing soap, so that it's easy to cause eye infection. On the other side, the unclear soap that remains on the lens would irritate your eyes to cause serious eye disorders.
  • handygrl_90


    I don't think it is safe. And i don't recommend you wash your contact lenses with soap. Since the contact lenses need put into eyes, clean it with soap may cause some damages to your eyes. You know, that soap may damages your contact lenses. Besides, soap can hurts eyes. So, If you can't find contact solution, you can try to clean it with eye drops or saline solution instead of soap.
  • Randa Fritch


    This is hard to say because I don't know which type of your soap belongs to. If it is the neutral soap, it is ok. However, this is not the big deal. But you need to remember that you should use the solution to soak your contact lenses when they pop out suddenly, which can eliminate the pernicious influence.
  • Robert Lipman


    Well, if it did happen, you should check whether your eyes are infected. We know that contacts can only cleaned by profession contact lens solution and other solution may make them dangerous to ours eyes. One of my friend's contacts got out when we were in classes, she just packed it in a clean handkerchief and when she got home, she put it in the contact case. It doesn't matter that she still wore them the next day without any sightlessness. Sometimes my contacts are discomfortable, I just put them in my pure water bottle with clean water. Of course, it is not safe. But if there's no other choice, you can do it.