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What are good color enhancing contacts for blue eyes?

My pupils are blue. So, i wonder what colored contact lenses I can wear to make me look more attractive?
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  • John eddy


    The color of the contact lenses mainly depends on what clothes style you wear. And your clothes color is also very important when you choose color enhancing contacts. Any way, if you plan to buy color enhancing contact lenses, you can try Acuvue 2 color enhancers such as aquamarine, sapphire and emerald contact lenses.
  • Michael?


    Your pupils are blue. And I think the dark blue or chocolate contact lenses may suit you. Wearing the contact lenses, your eyes will look bigger than before. In addition, the eyes look watery and spiritual. The dark blue will make your eyes look more watery. If you want to try the fashionable style, the chocolate choice is a good one.
  • Shelby harris


    I think in your situation, you can use color enhancing contacts with brown or green color. Because in this way, you're blue eyes will be bluer and they also make the color of your eyes more natural. However, you should be cautious in your decision to wear these color contact lenses. For some individuals, due to certain eye conditions may not be able to wear them. And you must follow the correct procedures to make sure your colored eye contacts are clean and sterile.

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