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Are dry eyes a symptom of an eye infection?

My eyes feel dry. Is this a symptom of an eye infection? What can i do to treat my dry eyes?
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  • walkingbassline


    The dry eye is the common term of xerosis of conjunctiva. It's the eyes symptom of tear film's pathological change, thus the cornea and conjunctiva without normal moist and feel dry. It will lead to blurred vision in a long time. The reasons of the cause of dry eyes could be inflammation and immune system abnormal as well as lack of vitamin A. The two former reason may caused by infection, while the last one is caused by the nutrient condition. The different reason needs different therapy method in early time. You would try some eye drop and supply some vitamin A to diminish inflammation, or go to a doctor if this way is invalid.


    It is normal for the eye to feel dry, not totally a symptom of eye infection. If you work too long in front of the computer for a long time, you may feel dry in your eyes. The other cause of your dry eyes may be the lack of water inner your body. Thus, you should drink more water, eat food with Vitamin A and use eyedrops to decline the symptom of dry eyes.
  • Anita


    No, you can not say it's a symptom of an eye infection. As we know that there are many other reasons which can also cause dry eyes such as aging, Hormonal Changes, Environmental Factors, Not blinking enough and so on. Aging is one of the most common causes of dry eyes because tear production decreases as we get older. Also you should also know that if you have worn a pair of contacts, it's also possible for you to get dry eyes. So you should check out what cause your dry eyes and then have treatment.
  • Victor


    If you have dry eye syndrome, your eyes do not produce enough tears or you are unable to maintain a normal layer of tears to coat your eyes. As a result, your eyes cannot eliminate dust and other irritants, which can lead to stinging, burning, pain, and/or redness in your eyes. See your doctor right away if you have dry eyes and have a sudden increase in discomfort or redness or a sudden decrease in your ability to see.but they are not because of eye infection.

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