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Is it normal to have yellow in my eyes?

I find my eyes appear yellow. Is it normal? Or what caused the yellow eyes? Any idea?
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  • Justin


    No, it is not normal if you have yellow eyes. Usually, people with yellow eyes is a sign of unhealthy liver. And the most common reason of yellow eyes is alcoholism resulting in cirrhosis, scarring of the liver, which can result of drinking too much alcohol. If you a person who often drink, you'd pay more attention on it.
  • Shelby rodney


    No, you should pay attention to your eyes. It must be caused by often rubbing. If the environment around you has a lot of dust, you may have the habit of rubbing your eyes. Or you use the computer for a long time and have the habit of rubbing the eyes. Then the blood may rush into the eyes. If this happen a lot, the eyes may look yellow because of the unreleased bloodshot.
  • Catherine


    There are so many reasons to have yellow in your eyes, you should check which one you have. Maybe because you have got a heat inside or your eyes have high stress, you should pay attention to have a rest. Someone got the yellow eyes because they have a large number of fruits or vegetables with natural pigment such as carrots, pumpkins and citrus. At the same time, you need keep the eyes clean, and do not eat spicy food. If there is no any problem in your eyes, you should go to check if your liver has some problem.