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How much are roberto cavalli sunglasses?

I am about to buy sunglasses for my friend and i am thinking about roberto cavalli sunglasses. How much do they cost? Are they expensive. What do you think of roberto cavalli sunglasses?
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  • Blanca C.


    Well, I have to say that they are kind of expensive, so you should consider it carefully before you buy them. For example, their price can cost at least $400. Maybe you can buy them on the online shop, which can give you some discount. eBay is a good place to buy them. Even if they are more expensive than other sunglasses, they are worth the money. They have perfect design and can make you look fashionable, so they can meet the needs of some people who like fashion. And also, they are of good quality. Anyway, just go and check them.
  • Michelle


    I just search roberto cavalli sunglasses through internet. And i see most of them are sold over $200. Most of the are about $250. If you plan to order pair online, you can look it at Click the links, you can see there are many styles of roberto cavalli sunglasses, you can choose whatever you like.
  • taylor


    As a matter of fact, Roberto Cavalli is an Italian luxury brand which is renowned all over the world , especially for its precise prediction of fashion . It was founded in Milan and shares a great reputation both locally and globally. Generally speaking, a pair of their sunglasses will be costly, as much as 600 dollars maybe,even over a grand. Personally speaking, they are worth paying for, since they are so prime and precious.
  • Robert Johnson


    The cheap price of roberto cavali sungasses is about $200. If you want to buy the one with better material or latest design, you may pay for at least $ 600. It is good at both the quality and the design. It is worthy for you to buy one for your friend although it is really expensive.

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