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Why do babies often rub their eyes?

I find that my baby often rubs her eyes. Why? Is it normal for babies to rub their eyes?
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  • Chris L.


    There are many reasons, among which two reasons are common. One is the bad habit, the other is eye discomfort caused by eye diseases. When babies cry, play or feel uncomfortable in the eyes, they are usually fond of rubbing their eyes, then the bad habit is formed. Under such circumstance, you should help your baby wash and dry the sweat or dustiness on his/her face or around his/her eye in time in order to reduce the chance of rubbing the eyes. With the material life enriching and the living condition improving, the eye diseases of allergy among children are increasing, in this situation, you should take your baby to see a doctor and at the same time find out whether there are obvious anaphylactic sources, such as the newly-decorated living room, seafood, flowers, etc.
  • cliffistheshit


    It is not normal for your baby to rub the eyes often. You should check whether there is something wrong with the eyes of the baby. There may be the inflammation for the eyes of the baby which may make him or her feel uncomfortable. If so, you'd better take your baby to the hospital and have a treatment.
  • Ryan evelyn


    Well, yes, it is normal for baby to rub their eyes. First you should know that when baby rub their eyes, it can a sign that he or she is tired. So you should pay more attention to it and do not let your baby too tired. Generally speaking, when a baby gets tired, his eyes will get fatigued. So he will rub his eyes, and this is just like you rub a sore arm muscle after playing baseball. In this way, he can relieve the soreness and tension in the muscles around the eyes, and the lid. According to the experts, when a baby becomes tired, it is likely that his eyes also start to become dry. Through rubbing the eyes, it also can stimulate tearing. So that it can help bring moisture back into the eyes. anyway, it is just a normal reaction for them to have.
  • Richard Schneider


    Actually, we always saw a baby who take his fist and rub it vigorously into his eye, usually accompanied by a little yawn. Rubbing his eyes is a way that your baby tell us he is tired. As a baby gets tired, his eyes get fatigued. When he rubs his eyes, he is relieving the soreness and tension in the muscles around the eye, in the eyes and in the lid. As a baby becomes tired his eyes also get start to become dry. Having been exposed to air for a long time, the tear film that bathes the front of the eyes in a protective layer of tears begins to evaporate. Rubbing the eyes also stimulates tearing, which helps bring moisture back into the eyes. The other possible reason is that a baby may also rub his eyes if there is something irritating in them, like an eyelash. Finally, maybe he's rubbing his eyes quite simply because they itch.