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What is the best way to remove sawdust out of my eyes?

It is awful that i get some sawdust into my eyes. Can you help me get rid of sawdust in my eyes? Any idea?
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    Under such circumstance, do not rub your eyes because rubbing can sometimes bruise the cornea, even can lead the foreign matter to embed in the cornea, making it difficult to drop, hence making the situation worse. Furthermore, eyes could inflame due to the bacteria from your hand. Just close your eyes gently for a while or lift your upper eyelid gently with your hand, then the sawdust attaching to the ocular surface can be out with tears down. If it is still in and you feel an ache, it is likely that the sawdust is on the eyelid conjunctiva of the upper eyelid, thus you can invert your eyelid to find it and clean it gently with wet cotton swab or neat handkerchief, and also, you can wash it away with clean water. If you do not find it, then you need to go to the hospital to ask a doctor to help you take it out. Wish you are better soon.
  • Alexia gerard


    Well, I have to say that some small, foreign particles, like sawdust can be annoying to your yes. And in some cases, it can also irritate the eyes. You should know that even if the sawdust is very small and not visible, if they stay in your eyes, they can still lead to a lot of eye discomfort. Of course, in most cases, tears will wash sawdust out of the eye. So you should not worry about it. But on the other hand, if it is serious, you should take some measures to get them out of your eyes. First, you should wash your hands carefully with soap and water. And then you can look in the mirror and try to locate the sawdust particle in your eye. Also, blinking several times in an attempt to remove the sawdust with little effort is also essential. In this way, you can allow your eyes to tear up, so that the tears may wash the sawdust out. Remember that you should not rub your eyes, or it can hurt your eyes. Generally speaking, you can gently dab the tears with a tissue.
  • Zachary eddy


    You'd better ask another person beside you to help you blow the sawdust out of the eyes. This way can be easy and safe. If there is no other person beside you, you could blink your eyes often and let the eyes get tears which may flow away the sawdust together. You could use these two ways to have a try.
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