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Melanie smith


Where can i get contacts like dahvie vanity?

I am looking for contact lenses that like dahvie vanity wear. Where can i get it? Any idea?
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  • Matthew harris


    Dahvie Vanity gets the colored contacts at FX WildEyes ContactsFX WildEyes in 12 different special effect contact lens colors. Some of them are strange and some are just plain weird, like the white out, red hot and vampire designs. If you want to buy one, you could go to the online store to have a search.
  • Aaron


    You can buy them online or in stores. I know one site which has a solid theoretical and teconology on that. Their specifically pruducts are used in fantasy films and science fiction films. AltApparel has a good fame because of their excellent quality control, creative lens designs, reasonable price and great customer service. This is a retail site. It may help you.