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How to get rid of raccoon eyes from tanning?

Evey time i tan, i get raccoon eyes. It is really boring. How can i get rid of raccoon eyes from tanning?
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  • elite_couture


    Ha-ha, it happens a lot often. I have several tips to get rid of raccoon eyes. You know the procedure of remove raccoon eyes is to mend your tanned skin around your eyes. So you can do facial masks. No.1. do facial mask with cold milk for like ten minutes. It will cool your skin and repair the tanned parts. No.2. do facial makes with icy salty water. The density of salty water shall be around 1.9%. It can also go with milk. No.3, mix pearl powder and yoghourt together and apply the mixture on the tanned parts. Do not do massage as your skin is more sensitive than usual after being tanned. No.4 put sliced cabbage on tanned part. They will remove pigmentation from sunshine. Next time when you go out, apply more sun cream of high SPF value. It may cure your tanned skin before it happens.
  • John clark


    When you tan, you'd better wear a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the uv and other damaging lights. Since you get the raccoon eyes, you'd better use the cool cloth to cover on the eyes to make the eyes calm down. At the same time, you should better use the eye drops to eliminate the inflammation parts.
  • wesley


    Well, generally speaking, this symptom happens to many people. So you should not too worry about it. As we know that when you are tanning, the way you're lying will have some effects. So to get rid of it, you should roll slightly to alternate sides for a minute or so a couple of times during your session. Besides, you can cross your legs, so that it can accomplish that pretty easily. Also, you can slightly arch your back, lifting your butt off the bed. In this way, it will allow freer blood flow and give the skin a chance to tan. And in some degree, your eyes will be better. In addition, you can go and buy a bronzing powder at the tanning salon, or a self tanner. And then use this, so that it can relieve your symptom.