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Can pregnancy cause retinal detachment?

I heard that our body may suffer during pregnancy. I have myopia. Can pregnancy cause retinal detachment?
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  • Gillian


    Well, yes, generally speaking, there is a risk to have retinal detachment when you are pregnant. Especially you have myopia. It can be dangerous. So if you are pregnant now, you should be careful about it. As we know that, when people get pregnant, there will have Preeclampsia, which can also cause swelling, particularly in the face and hands. Also, it may also be accompanied by other symptoms such as blurred vision, headache, nausea, and pain in the upper abdomen. This is very normal to have. But on the other hand, some serious visual problems may occur, because high blood pressure stresses the retina, pushing it forward. In extreme cases, this can lead to retinal detachment and possibly blindness. So in this situation, you should go and have a conversation with the doctor, so he can tell what to do. Besides, swelling can lead to weight gain outside of the normal weight gain expected during pregnancy. Anyway, just be careful.
  • creepozoid


    Generally speaking, retinal detachment occurs during pregnancy is caused by the diabetes mellitus or hypertension. Retinal detachment occurs when the thin lining at the back of your eye called the retina begins to pull away from the blood vessels that supply it with oxygen and nutrients. The weak retinas and natural childbirth are the most terrible thing that can happen to an eye because it is likely to cause blindness. Under such circumstance, I advice you to do cesarean.
  • Anthony


    Generally speaking, it has little possibility for the pregnant persons with myopia get the retinal detachment. Although the pregnant persons may feel dry at the eyes or the high eye pressure in the eyes surrounding parts, the retinal detachment will not be happened. If it does, the pregnant person should go to the hospital and accept the treatment.

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