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Can a sinus infection cause itchy eyes?

It is terrible to get sinus infection. But i also feel itches of my eyes. Is that caused by itchy eyes?
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  • Anthony cecil


    The sinus infection belongs to one inflammation, As the throat, nose and eye nerves are interlinked, the sinus infection may affect the normal work of eye nerves. That is why your eyes feel itchy. You'd better go to see the doctor and ask whether there is something wrong with your eyes.
  • Luthy


    Yes, of course sinus infection can cause itchy eyes. Generally speaking, the common sinus infection can be the cause the eyes to become incredibly itchy. Maybe you know that the symptoms of sinus infection are very similar to allergies. But on the other hand they are very different, so everyone should know this point. A cold or sinus infection is contagious, while a case of the allergies is not. So if you have the itchy eyes, maybe you should go and see an eye doctor as soon as possible.
  • Zachary eddy


    Yes. Sinus infection can cause itchy eyes. In fact, a sinus infection is very similar to allergies. But the differences is that a sinus is contagious while allergies won't cause itchy eyes. Anyway, if you get sinus infection, you'd better go to see doctor if you want to cure your eyes as soon as possible. Or it may make your eyes more worse.
  • Joanne McAlpine


    It probably causes itchy eyes when you got sinus infection. If you have itchy eyes, itchy nose and itchy ears, it proves you have got allergic rhinitis. I am sorry that at present there is no method to cure allergic rhinitis once for all. However you can treat disease by medicine and surgery. In addition, you can wash your nose with saline water or physiological saline every day to take care of your nose. At last, I want to remind you that this is just my surmise because your itchy eyes may be caused by other eye problems. So you should go to see a doctor.