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Can I get pink eye from sharing contacts?

Is it OK to share contact lenses with others? Can i get pink eyes if i do that?
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  • giles


    Of course, you can not share contact lenses with others, for it can cause pink eyes. Generally speaking, if you share contact lenses with others, it can transmit harmful bacteria. In that way, it is likely to lead to eye infection for our eyes are so sensitive that they can be infected easily. So your eyes will be red and bloodshot. In some cases, it can cause pink eyes, which are easily caused by virus. By sharing contact lenses, it can lead to some other eye diseases, such as sore eyes, dry eyes. Anyway, it can be very dangerous. Besides, using the resolution is also essential. Keeping your hands clean when you touch your contacts is very important.
  • Downeast


    Yep, there is a highly possibility for getting pink eye by sharing contact lenses. And you should not share contact lenses with others. Bacteria or virus mainly causes pink eye so that it is very contagious. On the other side, contact lenses are directly touching your eyes. It is easy to cause eye infection, such as pink eye, if the contact lenses are unclean or sharing with others.
  • Jen


    No, it is not ok to share contact lenses with others. You may get the pink eyes because there is the bacterium in the surface of the contact lenses which are worn directly on the surface of the eyes. You'd better not do this. Contact lenses are the personal using things which should not be shared. And the pink eyes are contagious. Even the sharing cloth may let you get the pink eyes.