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Danielle lewis


Can you get an eye infection from sharing mascara?

Is it possible to get eye infection because of sharing mascara? What's your opinion?
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  • catchingthought


    Yes. Before sharing the mascara, you must make sure that your friend's eyes did not get infected. If your friend's eyes get infected, then your eyes are easily to get infected also because you know the bacteria thrive in moist conditions, it's a really easy way to pass on eye infections to your eyes. Even though the eyes of your friend's did not get infected, you can just share the mascara only once; do remember that do not make the sharing the mascara a habit, otherwise there are more possibilities that your eyes get disordered, including the pink eyes. Considering the health of the eyes of you and your friends, you had better not share mascara with each other. By the way, after using the mascara for 6 months, you have better throw them away because there should be some bacteria attached on the mascara. Good luck.
  • tuener


    Yes, you may get eye infection because of sharing mascara, because your eyes are sensitive. The vertical brush is easy for breeding bacteria. If her mascara brush has bacteria, you will cross infection of eye disease when you two share. Trachoma will not be transmitted by dust, but spread by material close contacted with eyes. It is popular to wear make-up nowadays. If girls share one mascara, bacteria of trachoma will cross infection through the brush. The spread of trachoma is closely related to the health habit, living environment, nutritional status and medical condition of sufferers. Trachoma is caused by Chlamydia infection. Trachoma is also a chronic inflammation of conjunctiva and cornea. Your palpebral conjunctiva will be rough. Make-up products should be private. You'd better not share. Be careful of trial products in cosmetics counter. Cosmetic items should be used after disinfecting. Be careful for your health.
  • jimjames


    Yes, it is very possible to get the eye infection because of sharing mascara. There may be the bacterium left on the mascara, especially used by the people with pink eyes. Thus, you'd better use your own mascara, not sharing with other friends. The eyes are so weak which may get infection so easily through the bacterium.

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