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Does tiredness cause dilated pupils?

Can i get dilated pupils because of tiredness? Or what cause the dilated pupils?
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  • Nicholas carter


    Dilated pupils are indicative of tiredness or high pressure. The size of pupils changes with the intensity of light: pupils dilate in the dark and become smaller when the light is bright. In addition, a number of therapeutic medications or drugs, biological or chemical toxins and poisons as well as diseases involving the nervous system can result in dilated pupils. Dilated pupils may also be a sign of a serious body condition such as brain aneurysm, brain tumor, cerebral edema, increased intracranial pressure, intracranial hemorrhage, skull fracture and stroke.
  • cap081291


    Well, in my opinion, tiredness can lead to dilated pupils. As we know that there are many factors which can cause dilated pupils, such as the high eye pressure and anxiety. But you also should know that when you are too tired, it is easy for you to have high eye pressure. When you have eye pressure, it can make the black part of the eye bigger than normal. And then it leads to dilated pupils. So you should not make yourself too tired. And, if you have some problems, you can go and have a test in the hospital.
  • adams


    Yes, the dilated pupils may be caused by the tiredness. It is said that the great pressure from work may cause the dilated pupils because you have to focus on the work you do. However, the tiredness will make the dilated eyes. You should relax yourself now. You should eat some food with bananas to relax the nerves.