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EDWIN Caster


How long does it take for an eye cyst to go away?

I got eye cyst. How long will my eye cyst go away? Any ideas?
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  • Allison leslie


    Unfortunately, you need to take a long time to deal with it. Perhaps, 8 to 16 weeks can be OK. Normally, you can make your eye cyst go away by the following method. You only need a simple preparation, for example, a warm compressor, soft cloth and warm water. Since, the area around your eyes is very sensitive. Therefore, you need to be extra careful to avoid injuring your eyes. If the method above is not suitable for you, that is to say, the symptom cannot be eliminated, then talk to your doctor about other options.
  • anderson


    Well, it is really hard to say the right time, for it all depends on the severity of the cyst you have got. Generally speaking, the cyst can go away over time, and it can be just a few days. But on the other hand, if your situation is serious and you did not take some measures to treat it, it can persist for several months. So I will suggest you just try some ways to heal it. For example, you should obtain a clean soft cloth. And then Take the clean soft cloth and immerse in the hot water. In this way, you can use a warm cloth. And then you should place the warm compress on the cyst. Remember that you should do this to help circulate the blood to the affected gland, and start the healing process. You may have to do this a couple of times for a couple of days until the cyst go away. Anyway, just have a try.
  • cheryl


    If the eye cyst is not that serious and is caused by the little infection at the eyes, the eye cyst will disappear within a week under your great care of using the medicine treatment. However, during this time, you should not eat the spicy food which may stimulate your eyes. You should not drink or smoke, too.