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Can fear cause dilated pupils?

Is it possible to get dilated pupils because of fear? Is it harmful to my eyes?
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  • Tyler charles


    The pupils dilate for many reasons. They mainly change their size with the intensity of light: pupils become smaller when the light is bright, while in the dark, pupils dilate. If dilated pupils do not result from a normal response to low light, thus they may be caused by therapeutic medications or drugs, biological or chemical toxins and poisons as well as diseases involving the nervous system.In addition, dilated pupils may result from physiological stimuli such as fear, but in general, such reaction is not obvious and the pupil will become slightly more dilated temporarily.
  • Tatiana


    Yes, it is possible to get dilated pupils because of fear. It is not harm to your eyes because it will get recovery in an unconscious way. You could get the dilated eyes because of the shock, surprising and other amazing mood. However, the dilated eyes will come back to the normal state in a second.
  • Kaylee tuener


    It is possible to get dilated pupils because of fear. It is characterized by the changes in the size of the pupil. As a naturally induced cause, fear can be the source of dilated pupils. Although dilated pupil is not a serious health problem, you must diagnose and treat it promptly to ascertain the underlying causes and prevent developing other problems.

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