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Why do people wear sunglasses when they are clubbing?

Ever time i go to club, i can find many people wearing sunglasses. I am curious why so many people like to wear sunglasses when they are in clubs.
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  • Jerry


    It makes people look cool or beautiful that wear sunglasses in clubs.Sunglasses bring deterrent image and secrecy.On the other hand,people always shy when they are in clubs.So wear sunglasses could make people relax.when people don't want others know he or she in clubs, wearing sunglasses is a good idea.
  • emptyheading


    Well, actually there are many people who wear sunglasses when they are in clubs. Maybe there are too reasons for them to wear. First, they just want to make themselves look attractive and cool. As we know that there are many types of sunglasses which have beautiful design and perfect frames. When they wear them, the sunglasses do make them look more gorgeous. Second, I think it is probably because they want to protect themselves from colorful light. As we know that sunglasses are designed with special use. That is to darken the light and protect people's eyes. In this way, they are very beneficial.
  • walker626


    Well, except the function to protect the eyes from uv or strong sunlight, the sunglasses are always regarded as the good accessory to make oneself look cool. You can see many stars wearing the cool sunglasses on the magazine. I think for many people in the clubs wearing the sunglasses is just for the looks.